Living Rooms

Your Living Room. Stylish, Comfy, Cozy, Warm, or Inviting. Project That Feeling With Stunning Images.

Living room photography is one of the main areas within a home that viewers visually and emotionally connect with.

Before we even begin to photograph your living room we make sure that everything is staged perfectly. Curtains and blinds are opened to let in just the right amount of light or view. Furniture and cushions are straightened and styled.

The perfect lighting, angles and height are then chosen for each shot to show as much wow factor as possible. Incorporating adjacent rooms into the photos is carefully considered to give the viewer as much information about the room as required for the clients needs. Detail photos of fireplaces, mantels, woodwork, lighting fixtures, furniture, accessories, and flooring helps sell the feeling of the living room. It puts the viewer directly in front of the items they’ll be using most often and emotionally connects them to the scene.

Capturing the Essence of Style and Design with Passion.